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Keisho Ohno - Japan - Shamisen-Musiker

Wann: Donnerstag 12.09.2024 19:00 - 22:00
Keisho Ohno 
Shamisen-Musiker -Japan
Schladming und Japan sind seit langem eng verbunden. Seit 1977 besteht eine Städtepartnerschaft mit Furang im Norden Japans. Aus diesem Anlass gastiert der Shamisen-Meister KEISHO OHNO am 12. September 2024 im Rahmen seiner Europatournee im Klang-Film-Theater Schladming. Eine Veranstaltung des KLANG-FILM-THEATER Schladming in Kooperation mit der Stadtgemeinde Schladming
Keisho Ohno started playing Tsugaru-shamisen at the age of eight in Niigata, Japan, and has been active ever since in music scenes.
Ohno’s performamce in SXSW (South by South West) in 2006 was followed by his US tour covering New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Austin. In 2007 Ohno released Shamisen Spirits~”, his debut in major label.  Ohno’s European tour started in 2008 after releasing his second CD “SAMURAI”. His consecutive CDs include “KAMOME” from a French label in 2011 as well as “SPARK” and “KEI-“ in 2013. Ohno’s career and endeavors does not remain only in the concerts in Japan and Europe but has become borderless by performing in 30 countries 100 cities or more. Ohno has always been faithful to his motto “Upholding AND destructing traditional music”.
Born in Niigata, Japan, Keisho started playing Tsugaru-shamisen at the age of eight.After endorsed as natori, an accredited master at only twelve years old, he was approved two years later by Takahashi Chikuzan the First and became “authorized successor of authentic Chikuzan-bushi” shamisen player. Constantly inspired by various genres of art, Keisho has never given up his motto of “Keeping traditional music as well as destructing it.” Always a challenger in aspiring nouvelle performance and high musical technique, Keisho has currently gained a steady artistic foothold in Europe.
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